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The Complete Guide to Functional Fitness Exercises – This Bitch Says


The Complete Guide to Functional Fitness Exercises – This Bitch Says

In the world of fitness, there are so many different types of workouts and exercises to choose from, it can be overwhelming. If you’re someone who is looking to get stronger, more agile, and improve your overall functional fitness, then you should definitely consider incorporating functional fitness exercises into your routine. Whether you’re new to working out or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, functional fitness exercises can benefit everyone.

Functional fitness exercises are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities, such as carrying groceries, lifting objects, or playing with your kids. The goal is to improve your overall strength and coordination to make everyday tasks easier and reduce your risk of injury. So, if you want to learn more about functional fitness exercises, you’ve come to the right place. In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with functional fitness exercises.

Benefits of Functional Fitness Exercises

Before we dive into specific exercises, let’s talk about the benefits of incorporating functional fitness exercises into your workout routine:

  • Improves overall strength and coordination
  • Reduces the risk of injury during daily activities
  • Enhances flexibility and mobility
  • Boosts core stability and balance
  • Increases muscle endurance and power

Sample Functional Fitness Exercises

There are countless functional fitness exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Farmer’s Walk
  • Squat to Overhead Press
  • Battle Ropes
  • Medicine Ball Throws
  • Plank with Leg Lift

How to Get Started

If you’re new to functional fitness exercises, it’s important to start slowly and focus on proper form and technique. Consider working with a certified personal trainer who can guide you through the exercises and ensure that you’re performing them safely and effectively. As you become more comfortable with the movements, you can gradually increase the intensity and add more challenging exercises to your routine.


Q: Are functional fitness exercises suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, functional fitness exercises can be modified to suit people of all fitness levels, including beginners.

Q: How often should I incorporate functional fitness exercises into my routine?

A: It’s recommended to include functional fitness exercises in your workout routine at least 2-3 times per week to see noticeable improvements.

Q: Can functional fitness exercises help with weight loss?

A: Yes, functional fitness exercises can contribute to weight loss by improving overall strength and endurance, which can lead to increased calorie burn during workouts.

Q: Are functional fitness exercises suitable for older adults?

A: Absolutely! Functional fitness exercises are great for older adults as they can help improve balance, coordination, and overall strength, which are essential for maintaining independence and reducing the risk of falls.