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The Best Wedding Favours and Bonbonnieres Your Guests Will Love


The Best Wedding Favours and Bonbonnieres Your Guests Will Love

When it comes to planning a wedding, every little detail matters. From the flowers to the centerpieces, everything is carefully curated to make the big day as beautiful and memorable as possible. One small detail that often gets overlooked is the wedding favours and bonbonnieres for the guests. These small tokens of appreciation are a great way to say thank you to those who came to celebrate your special day. If you’re looking for the best wedding favours and bonbonnieres that your guests will love, look no further. Here, we’ve curated a list of the most creative and thoughtful ideas to help make your wedding day even more memorable.

Edible Wedding Favors

  • Homemade baked goods
  • Custom-made candies with your monogram
  • Taste of one of your favorite treats

Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized wedding favors are a great way to make your guests feel special. There are numerous options to choose from. Some popular ideas include:

  • Monogrammed candles
  • Engraved wine glasses
  • Customized keychains

Useful Wedding Favors

Another great idea for wedding favours is giving your guests something practical and useful. This way, they can remember your special day every time they use the gift. Some popular options include:

  • Hand fans
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Customized luggage tags

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. The key is to choose something that reflects your personality as a couple and that your guests will appreciate. No matter what you choose, remember that it’s the thought and effort that counts.


1. What are the best wedding favours for a summer wedding?

For a summer wedding, consider giving your guests something refreshing and practical. Personalized sunglasses, custom fans, or even beach towels are all great options that your guests will love.

2. Is it necessary to give out wedding favours to all of our guests?

While it’s not necessary to give out wedding favours to all of your guests, it’s a nice gesture to show your appreciation for their presence on your special day. If budget is a concern, you can also consider giving out favours to each couple or family group instead of individual guests.

3. How much should we budget for wedding favours?

The budget for wedding favours can vary greatly depending on the quantity and type of gift you choose. While some couples choose to spend $5 – $10 per guest, there are also plenty of affordable options available for those who are looking to spend less.

4. What are some unique wedding favours that guests will love?

Some unique wedding favours that guests will love include mini succulents, personalized coffee mugs, and custom bottle openers. These are thoughtful gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.