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Seven Sentences I Wish I Read Sooner – Steven Bartlett Quotes


Life is a journey filled with lessons, challenges, and experiences that help shape who we are and how we view the world. It’s often in the most difficult times that we learn the most valuable lessons. Steven Bartlett, an entrepreneur, and social media influencer has shared some powerful quotes that resonate deeply with many people. One of his most impactful quotes is “Seven Sentences I Wish I’d Read Sooner.” This quote encapsulates important life lessons that, when internalized, can help us navigate the complexities of life with greater wisdom and resilience. In this blog post, we will delve into each of these seven sentences and explore their significance in our lives.

1. These hard times, this pain, these lessons one day they’ll be your strength, your awareness, your blessings.

This sentence reminds us that the challenges and difficult times we face are not in vain. They shape us into stronger, more self-aware individuals and ultimately become blessings in disguise. When we look back at the toughest periods of our lives, we often realize that they were pivotal in shaping our character and providing us with valuable insights.

2. Stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves.

It’s a harsh truth, but not everyone we encounter will possess the self-awareness and honesty needed for genuine interactions. This sentence encourages us to be discerning in our relationships and to recognize that some individuals may not be capable of honesty due to their own internal struggles. This doesn’t excuse deceitful behavior, but it does prompt us to understand the root of dishonesty in others.

3. The key to happiness is low expectations and high appreciation.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages about setting high expectations and achieving more, this sentence offers a refreshing perspective. It highlights the importance of appreciating the little things and finding joy in simplicity. By lowering our expectations and practicing gratitude, we can find deep contentment and fulfillment.

4. Be deaf to negative thoughts. They aren’t yours; they were given to you. Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.

This sentence speaks volumes about the power of our thoughts and the importance of cultivating inner peace. It encourages us to reject negative self-talk and to be mindful of the battles we choose to engage in. Sometimes, prioritizing peace and harmony is more valuable than proving a point or being right.

5. Lost time is never found again. Protect your peace. Get rid of toxicity. Cleanse your space. Cultivate love.

Time is one of the most precious resources we have, and this sentence serves as a poignant reminder of its fleeting nature. It urges us to prioritize our peace of mind and well-being by releasing toxic influences and creating a nurturing environment filled with love and positivity.

6. It’s okay to outgrow people who are not growing.

As we evolve and mature, it’s natural to outgrow certain relationships or dynamics that no longer serve our best interests. This sentence validates the process of personal growth and encourages us to embrace the changes that lead to our own advancement, even if it means leaving certain people behind.

7. It’s okay not to be okay. Just make sure you don’t stay that way.

This final sentence acknowledges the validity of our struggles and encourages us to embrace vulnerability. It’s a reminder that experiencing emotional pain or distress is a normal part of the human experience. However, it also underscores the importance of not becoming stagnant in our suffering and actively seeking avenues for healing and growth.

Steven Bartlett’s profound words encapsulate universal truths about resilience, self-awareness, and personal growth. These seven sentences carry the weight of lived wisdom and offer guidance on navigating life’s ups and downs with grace and fortitude. When we internalize these sentiments, they can serve as beacons of insight during challenging times and reminders of the inherent strength within us.


  • What is the significance of Steven Bartlett’s quotes?

    Steven Bartlett’s quotes offer profound insights into life, resilience, and personal growth. They resonate deeply with many individuals and provide valuable guidance for navigating life’s challenges.

  • How can I apply these seven sentences to my life?

    You can apply these sentences by reflecting on their meaning and considering how they relate to your own experiences. Use them as foundational principles for navigating difficulties and cultivating inner strength.

  • Are Steven Bartlett’s quotes widely recognized?

    Yes, Steven Bartlett’s quotes have gained widespread recognition and have resonated with people from diverse backgrounds. They have been shared across various platforms and have been embraced for their profound wisdom.

  • Where can I find more of Steven Bartlett’s quotes?

    You can explore Steven Bartlett’s quotes on social media, his official website, and through various quote-sharing platforms. His words often offer deep insights and encouragement for personal development.