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Rural Tourism Accommodation Vietnam Competition – e-architect


The Rural Tourism Accommodation Vietnam Competition, held in 2020, was organized by Arquideas and received 105 submitted proposals. The competition aimed to attract students and young architects to showcase their architectural skills and innovative ideas for rural tourism accommodation in Vietnam. The selected designs were to be implemented in real-world settings to promote sustainable tourism and support the local economy.

The competition was highly competitive, offering monetary prizes and free subscriptions to renowned architecture publications. The winners were chosen based on their ability to blend contemporary design with the traditional elements of Vietnamese rural architecture. The focus was on creating sustainable and eco-friendly accommodation that complements the natural beauty of the rural landscape.

One of the key objectives of the competition was to encourage the exploration of innovative architectural solutions that address the evolving needs of rural tourism. By incorporating elements of sustainability, functionality, and cultural sensitivity, the participants aimed to create designs that would enhance the overall tourism experience while respecting the local heritage and environment.

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The architectural community has shown a strong interest in exploring design concepts that respond to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Vietnam’s diverse landscape and cultural heritage. These competitions have attracted a wealth of talent and have contributed to the development of innovative architectural solutions that promote sustainable tourism and cultural exchange.

Future Outlook

As the architectural community continues to engage with the rapidly evolving tourism industry in Vietnam, it is expected that more competitions and collaborative initiatives will emerge. These endeavors will be instrumental in shaping the future of sustainable and culturally sensitive tourism accommodation in Vietnam, contributing to the advancement of architectural innovation and excellence in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these competitions open to architects from around the world?

Yes, most of these architectural competitions are open to participants from all over the world, encouraging diverse perspectives and ideas.

2. What are the primary criteria for judging the competition entries?

The judging criteria typically include elements such as sustainability, cultural sensitivity, functionality, and aesthetics, with a focus on promoting innovative design solutions.

3. How do these competitions contribute to the architectural landscape of Vietnam?

These competitions play a crucial role in fostering the development of sustainable and culturally sensitive architectural solutions that contribute to the advancement of the tourism industry in Vietnam.

4. Can students participate in these architectural competitions?

Absolutely, many of these competitions specifically encourage the participation of students and young architects, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and creativity.