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Polymer clay owl – DIY step by step tutorial – FImo DIY, polymer clay tutorials


Polymer clay owl – DIY step by step tutorial – FImo DIY, polymer clay tutorials

If you’re a crafty person, chances are you’re familiar with polymer clay. It’s a versatile and easy-to-use material that’s perfect for making all kinds of fun and unique creations. And if you’re a fan of animals, then you’re in luck, because in this tutorial we’re going to show you how to make your very own polymer clay owl!

Step by Step Instructions

Creating a polymer clay owl is a fun and rewarding project that’s perfect for crafters of all skill levels. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to bring your very own feathered friend to life:

  • Start by gathering your materials. You’ll need polymer clay in brown, white, and yellow, as well as a small amount of black clay for the eyes.
  • Roll a small amount of brown clay into a ball to form the body of the owl, then shape it into a slightly flattened oval.
  • Roll out some white clay and cut out two small circles to create the owl’s eyes.
  • Roll a tiny piece of black clay into a ball and press it onto the center of each white circle to make the pupils.
  • Attach the eyes to the body of the owl, positioning them slightly to the side of the center.
  • Shape two small triangles out of yellow clay and attach them to the top of the owl’s head to create the iconic “ear” tufts.
  • Finally, use a needle tool or toothpick to add some texture to the owl’s feathers and wings, and then bake your creation in the oven according to the clay manufacturer’s instructions.

Once your polymer clay owl has finished baking and has cooled, you can add a coat of varnish to give it a glossy finish and enhance its durability. And that’s it – you’ve just created your very own polymer clay owl!


Q: Where can I find polymer clay?

A: Polymer clay is readily available at most craft stores, as well as online retailers such as Amazon and Etsy.

Q: Can I paint my polymer clay creations?

A: Yes, you can use acrylic paints to add color and detail to your polymer clay creations after they have been baked and cooled.

Q: Are there any other animal tutorials available?

A: Yes, there are countless polymer clay tutorials available online for creating all kinds of animals, from cats and dogs to unicorns and dragons!

Q: Is polymer clay safe to use?

A: Polymer clay is generally considered to be safe to use, but it’s always a good idea to work in a well-ventilated area and wash your hands thoroughly after handling it.