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Birthstones Necklace

Birthstones Necklace

A different birthstone for every month. Find out which one is your color!

WHAT'S YOUR BIRTHSTONE? All things meaningful and divine come together in a unique collection. Delicate and subtle, these amulets were crafted with gemstones that capture the essence and significance of each month of the year. This collection aims to reflect the bond between you and your gemstone assigned by birth, creating this delicate amulet full of meaning. Each gemstone has its unique harmony and language that manifests in its color. It is widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune. January Birthstone: Garnet Symbolizes love, constancy, and loyalty. Those who were born in January are protective and supportive of their friends. Wearing this birthstone will boost one’s self-image and energy levels. February Birthstone: Amethyst  A symbol of serenity, peace, and royalty. Those who were born in February are multi-talented, courageous, and liked for their honesty. Wearing an amethyst is said to bring balance, wisdom, and calmness. March Birthstone: Aquamarine Symbolizes youth, love, and hope. Those who were born in March are protective and love being around family with a spirited, adventurous soul that glitters with passion. It is said that wearing Aquamarine brings calmness and protection. April Birthstone: Quartz Quartz symbolizes invincibility, eternal love and forever. The ones born in April tend to wear their heart on their sleeve and are romantic by nature. If you are drawn to a quartz, you are strong, determined, proud and glimmer in even the dimmest of lights. May Birthstone: EmeraldThese speaks of health, faithfulness, fertility, and comforted and soothed mindset. If you were born in May, you are quick-witted, intelligent, and intuitive by nature. It is said that wearing an emerald will improve one’s memory and intelligence and represents the goddess of love and beauty. June Birthstone: Light AmethystThis stone symbolizes luck, good fortune, and love. Those born in June exhibit a nurturing and light-hearted character. It is believed that this stone can strengthen intuition, aid creativity, and inspire imagination, bringing good omens to those who wear it. July Birthstone: RubyIf your stone is the Ruby, you seek power, exude charisma, passion and have a harmonious, hardworking nature while bursting with life. This stone can provide energy, strength, and life force with a strong sense of oneself. August Birthstone: PeridotRepresenting strength, vibrant, energetic, and curiosity. Those who were born in August are radiance and joy to those closest to them. These naturally tend to exhibit a creative mindset toward problem-solving, are intelligent and adored for their zestful nature. September Birthstone: SapphireThis stone represents dignity, wisdom, and purity. If you were born in September, you are honest, mentally strong, and tend to shy away from showing your emotions to the world. It is said that sapphire can improve leadership abilities, bring mental clarity, enhance your memory, and strengthen your motivation. October Birthstone: TourmalineA symbol of hope, innocence, and creativity. You, that are linked to this gemstone have an innocent heart, compassionate spirit, and an optimistic outlook toward life. It is said that this stone boosts hope, enthusiasm, and creativity. November Birthstone: TopazTopaz is associated with strength and healing for both body and mind. Those born in November are fair-minded, friendly, exhibit a flexible nature, and have great mental strength. If this is your month you are a calm, reflective soul who values the quiet moments in life. December Birthstone: MontanaSymbolizing happiness, good fortune, kinship, and peace. People with this birthstone are known to pursue what they believe in without worrying what others would think, and generally achieve what they strive for. PRODUCT DETAILS Composition: Metal: Stainless Steel; Coating: 14k golden color PVD ; Swarovski CrystalMeasurements: Length: 50cm + Extender: 5cm/1.97'' ; Chain Width: 1.1mm/.04'' ; Pendant Diamenter : 7mm/.27'' CARE GUIDE Our pieces are waterproof, so do your daily routine without having to take it off! Shower with them or take a swim Apply any type of lotion from moisturizer to sunscreen Use perfume with them Shine, while exercising Stay sanitized and clean Take care of yourself ❤

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A different birthstone for every month. Find out which one is your color!