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10 WINTER Presets Lightroom = 5 mobile presets (.dng) + 5 desktop presets (.xmp) With this preset, your photos will become less saturated, lighter, clearer, and whiter. In the set, you can find different presets which will much for your different photos Follow and tag us on Instagram: @StyleYourblog #StyleYourBlog ➤➤WHAT YOU WILL GET IN YOUR ORDER: ➤➤ ➤ Instant Download ZIP file ➤ After Purchase Customer Support ➤ ZIP file with 5 Mobile Presets for Lightroom (.dng)+ 5 Desktop Presets for Lightroom (.xmp) -WINTER -WINTER warm -WINTER cold -WINTER contrast -WINTER details ➤Detailed video tutorial you can see on YouTube https://youtu.be/Sy1YH2IbUcg or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3OTU4OTE5NTgyMjU5MTMz?igshid=xdn4n1gpnqbn _________________________________________ ➤➤F.A.Q.➤➤F.A.Q.➤➤F.A.Q.➤➤F.A.Q.➤➤F.A.Q.➤➤F.A.Q.➤➤F.A.Q.➤➤ ➤Download mobile presets directly from the mobile phone, you don't need to use the desktop version. (For unzipping files use any free program, like I-Zip) ➤You don't need an Adobe subscription to use these presets. You simply need to download the Lightroom Mobile App and create your account with Adobe. ➤This preset was created in format .dng especially for Mobile Lightroom CC and will work well with your photos shot with your iPhone or Android device. ➤If you want to open presets on your computer - choose .xmp files, but you need to be sure you have already updated your Lightroom to the Classic 7.3 version ➤Presets compatible with JPG and RAW Images ➤The presets can look different for different photos. Sometimes you need to change the settings a little, for example, add light and exposure. ➤A detailed video tutorial you can see here: https://youtu.be/IHYOh5njMts ➤If you need to help you adjust your image or you will have any questions let me know and feel free to text me! __________________________________________________ ➤➤➤By making a purchase, you automatically agree to OUR TERMS OF USE: only for personal use, do not distribute, do not sell, or share a file in any form.➤➤➤ © 2021 Style Your Blog. All Rights Reserved Follow us on Instagram: @StyleYourblog __________________________________________________ Keywords: Lightroom mobile & desktop presets, Presets Lightroom Mobile, Professional presets, Lightroom presets, Lightroom mobile presets, Instagram presets, Lightroom presets desktop, presets Lightroom, presets Lightroom mobile, presets Lightroom desktop, blogger presets, Lightroom filter, photographer presets, photo presets, presets for Instagram, home presets, mobile Lightroom presets, mobile presets, product presets, dog presets, Lightroom mobile presets outdoor, interior presets, Lightroom mobile presets travel, best Lightroom presets, iPhone presets, Android presets, Adobe Lightroom, wedding presets, adobe Lightroom presets autumn, summer presets, lifestyle presets Lightroom, influencer presets, Style Your Blog Presets

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