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Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine -- Continue to the product at the image link.
Pro Series Stealth Leg Press/Sled – Legend Fitness
The Full Body Workout For Extreme Fitness
BD-7, Power Rack w/ Lat Pull Station
A ground-based rotational training device that works the entire body. Perform explosive 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic-size bar (not included) into the 12" pivoting sleeve at the units base. A 4" sleeve holds standard 1" bars. Portable for use in or out of the weight room; includes handle for easy transport. Solid steel. Nonskid rubber bottom. Assembly required. Black. Base: 19-1/2" L x 16" W.
Гиперэкстензии (регулируемые) | Скамья для пресса
Fahneu · Las Plazas de Chile / Juegos Infantiles, Mobiliario Urbano, Máquinas de Ejercicio y Deportes
BD-2, Bench Press Stands
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