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~ André Schirmer ~

Artist André Schirmer Montréal, Quebec, 1942 André Schirmer --- Website André Schirmer is a creator, a painter, a graphic artist, as well as an illustrator. Having studied at the Fine Arts School of Montréal in 1967, he began a career in creating works of art depicting the effervescence of the big city, combined with the energy and vitality of its people. Fascinated by the reflections of light and colour on high-rises and the colourful masses of people going about their everyday business, he threw his resolve upon the special breed of city-dwellers that populate the late-night in-crowd. His recent works reflects a series of female portraits showing off their style and elegance with a hint of those glorious years of the pin-up girl. Also, his very evocative cityscapes are drenched in colour as well as texture and may contain collages from magazines and newspapers as well as text to augment its visual appeal. Mr. Schirmer’s bold strokes are very reminiscent of fashion drawings and are both spontaneous and masterfully done. His penchant for drenching his canvases in rich colours gives both a feeling of personality and character to his works. André Schirmer has mastered his art in both refinement and the effects of movement on canvas. Mr. Schirmer has been featured in numerous galleries in both Canada and the USA.

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~ André Schirmer ~
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