173 Item Customizable Printable Weekly Grocery Shopping List

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173 Item Customizable Printable Weekly Grocery Shopping List

173 Item Customizable Printable Weekly Grocery Shopping List

The most comprehensive grocery list out there! Organized by common grocery store aisles, this list includes extra lines for customizing the items you need. Simply print, hang on the fridge, and check off items as you run out of them. What you are purchasing: • One PDF digital file (8.5 x 11") which contains 1 PDF page. ~ THIS LISTING IS FOR A DIGITAL FILE ONLY. NO PRODUCT WILL BE SHIPPED. ~ Once you receive your file, simply: 1.) Open in Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.) Print as many as you need on 8.5" x 11" paper (can be printed in grayscale too) By purchasing this item, you agree to our shop policies and terms and confirm that you have read and understand this listing. ~ Original Design by Joy Oostendarp of Homemaker's Companion ~

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173 Item Customizable Printable Weekly Grocery Shopping List

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