Weight Benches (Incline, Decline, Flat Bench, FID Bench) from Rep Fitness for Garage Gym

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Rep Fitness Weight Benches

Rep Fitness Weight Benches

Got bench? A complete garage gym or home gym needs a good weight bench. And, if it is for your home gym – make it versatile – as you won’t want to waste the space on a separate flat and incline bench. You can even get a bench that does all 3 things: a Flat/Incline/Decline bench – otherwise known as a FID bench. Shown above is the Rep Fitness AB-5000 FID Bench from Rep Fitness. This bench does it all – Flat, Incline, or Decline – plus it has wheels for easy re-positioning. Best of all, it’s bargain priced for what it is. Rep Fitness has carved out a niche in the fitness equipment industry – they make the best [Read more ...]

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Weight Bench Buyer's Guide
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Rep Fitness Weight Benches
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Rep Fitness Weight Benches
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