Snowflake Word Families

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Snowflake Word Families

Snowflake Word Families

1-2-3 Come Do A Flurry Of Word Family Activities With Me It's snowing right now and I'm so in the mood for more! My Y5's loved our January snow-themed activities, so I decided to incorporate some word family work with a snowflake theme. I hope you enjoy today's FREEBIE, which fits in nicely with Daily 5 word work. Completed projects make an awesome winter bulletin board too. There are 4 large snowflake patterns. Run them off and give your students a choice. There are also 70 word family snowflake cards, with 9 on a page for quick printing. Choose the word family cards you want your students to practice, toss them in a container and have each student pick one. They write that word family in the center of their snowflake. One of the facts that my kiddos learn about snowflakes is that although each one is unique, they all have six sides. For this reason, you can choose to keep things simple and have your students think of just six words for their word family, or challenge older students to think of more. I've included a variety of samples you can share with your students. If you want them to practice alphabetizing, have children write their words on a sheet of scratch paper, alphabetize the words and then write them in alphabetical order on their snowflake, starting at the top and writing clockwise. I've included a list of 70 word families, which has an alphabetical list of example words for each one. (This is a pretty comprehensive list, as I've included 987 words appropriate for school. ) You can share this list with your students if they become stuck, or if you want them to write more than six words on their snowflake. To build vocabulary, have children look up any words that they are unfamiliar with. For more word work, there's a word family bookmark template. Students fill in the word family you want them to work on. After they jot down as many words as they can think of, brainstorm as a whole group and write the words on the board. Afterwards, students return to their seats and update their list. Have students save their word family bookmarks. When you're done with word families, have students organize the bookmark pages in alphabetical order then add the cover and staple. There's also a worksheet where you fill in the amount of words and sentences you want your students to write that incorporate the word family words. Click on the link to view/download the Snowflake Word Families packet. That's it for today. I'm off to go play in the snow! My poodle pup, Chloe, LOVES scampering through the sparkles. Wishing you a fun-filled and relaxing day. "Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in [it] sinks into the mind." -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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