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Lily, White

Our botanical and bird prints each come in three sizes: 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14. Our fish prints also come in 3 sizes, but slightly different: 6x9, 9x12, and 12x16. These prints are all available plain, matted, and framed with or without mats, with the exception that 5x7 and 6x9 are not available framed without mats. About Frame Sizes Frames are designated and referred to by the size of their opening, NOT by their outside dimensions.  This is the industry convention and makes standardizing frames easier.  An 8x10 frame is an 8x10 frame is an 8x10 frame, regardless of whether the frame molding is half an inch wide or 3" wide.  Any frame described as an 8x10 has an opening sized to fit an 8x10 print or photo perfectly. Print Size Matted Size No Mat/Frame* Mat/Frame*  5x7 8x10 N/A 8x10 8x10 11x14 8x10 11x14 11x14 16x20 11x14/13x16 16x20 6x9 9x12 N/A 9x12 9x12 12x16 9x12 12x16 12x16 16x20 12x16 16x20 *Add 2" to each number to calculate outside frame dimensions for our frames.  If using your own frame, add 2x its molding width to each number. How much Wall Space? To know the true amount of wall space a framed print will occupy, you must add the width of the frame molding on all sides to the standard designated size of the frame. The molding width of all the frames we sell is approximately 1". Therefore, you must add 2" (1" left and right, 1" top and bottom) to each dimension to get the finished size: 8x10 is really 10x12, 11x14 is really 13x16, 16x20 is really 18x22, etc.

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