High-quality large Colombian emeralds mixed parcel for her

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3.00 Ct. Emerald from Zambia
0.63 Ct. Emerald from Zambia
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8.62 Ct. Emerald from Zambia
2.98 Ct. Emerald from Zambia
Cushion shaped vivid color intensity step cut green emerald stone. #gemsandcrystals #gemstonesmeanings #gemstonesandcrystals #meaningofgemstone
3.65 ct Blue Natural Aquamarine Ring PT Gold Diamond w/ Certificate
What a quarter million dollar + Colombian emerald looks like 🧐 As exceptional as it gets! A 14.0 carat Colombian emerald displaying vivid green color, transparency, excellent luster, and most importantly “no oil”. Emeralds of this caliber are exceedingly rare to source and account for the 1% of emeralds worldwide. Investment quality without question that will be passed down and cherished for lifetimes to come. This emerald is Guēblin & SSEF certified, no oil.
6.105 crt rare!! unique lettering pattern play colors welo opal
3.22 Ct. Emerald from Zambia
Natural Emeralds Grading & Certification
Transformable Turquoise Sapphire and AAAA 11-12 mm South Sea Pearl Ring Pendant
13.45 Cts Opalised Gastropod Snail Coober Pedy   Fo-1473
EMERALD STUDS, 5cts - White Gold/Emerald
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