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Virtual Travel Tours Around The World This December 2020 (With Pictures and Videos)

Virtual Travel Tours Around The World This December 2020 (With Pictures and Videos)

When we published our list of The Beauty Around the World (With Pictures and Videos) few month ago, no one could have guessed how much our world would change. And now, given our stay-at-home circumstances, we’d like to invite you on a series of virtual journeys: You can wander into the Christmas spirit of Norway , explore the Aurora Borealis. Sure, you’ll be looking at a screen, but you’ll see new places, hear new languages and pick up some interesting tidbits about other cultures. Call it a warm-up for that moment when you’ll actually be packing your bags and heading out for your next adventure 1. Sicily is a destination so rich in culture, cuisine and terrain From @sebastien.nagy 2. Uluru - The Spiritual Center of Australia From @jonny.melon 3. This kind of hidden paradise in Satun, Thailand From @blowithand 4. The Red Sea and the fantastic wrecks of Aqaba, Jordan From @alex_dawson_photography 5. First-person view (FPV) around Dolomite From @kylevollaers 6. A storm pulse violently painting the desert floor From @renan_ozturk 7. Don't you just wish you could be on a white sand beach? Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday, Australia From @saltyluxe 8. Anyone else’s dream? Pure happiness in a world going through hard times From @a_place_for_saints 9. The best cat hat in Colorado From @henrythecoloradodog 10. An amazing pilot for a breathtaking shot From @kyleVollaers 11. The Westford's of Iceland look like a place to see From @icelandic_explorer 12. Would you like to live there? From @fenris_the_vikingdog 13. Would you spend the night there ? It looks so cold, but beautiful! From @drew.simms 14. What are you asking Santa for Christmas this year? From @thecolindougan 15. A majestic video! Clouds come floating into my life From @piet_flosse 16. How cute is this baby possum? At Kangaroo Island From @stornoway_fires 17. Not your typical commuter train. Look at these incredible winter colors! From @wilderness_addict 18. A true winter wonderland in Switzerland From @kyrenian 19. Colorful corners in Croatia, one of Croatia’s most popular and developed tourist destinations From @izkiz 20. Taken in Lombok, located in West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia From @tomstrickland 21. A typical rainy day in the city of London From @dr_difilippo 22. Getting lost in the mighty woods of Czech Republic From @michellevonkalben 23. The cryspy clear waters of lake Lake Blausee, Switzerland From @vamospraonde 24. Soaring high above the snow-covered landscape of Cappadocia From @asya_cappadocia 25. Taking a paradise bath in one of the rivers in Voss, Norway From @oyehaug 26. Apartment goals, Perfect view captured of the Manhattan skyline From @meirr 27. Who’s down to join me on this magical train ride through the Swiss woods From @_fabiozingg 28. Sunrise in Scopello, Italy. Would you ever consider watching sunrise here? From @voyage_provocateur 29. Lapland - Finland From @sennarelax 30. Sunrise can’t get any better than this From @travellersplanet 31. Beautiful coast of Oahu - Hawaii From @asenseofhuber 32. Beautiful fall in Meteora - Greece From @minogiannisvalantis 33. The beauty of Mykonos Island, Greece From @takemyhearteverywhere 34. Beautiful winter in Sweden From @mariaanderhell 35. A pool from another, at Alaska From @johnderting 36. Lake Como - Italy is simply gorgeous From @alexpreview 37. Happy December! Have you all decorated your house yet? From @kjp 38. How beautiful is this? Colmar - France From @travelwithadrien 39. Sunset in Strasbourg, France From @travelwithadrien 40. Gorgeous fall colors in Italy From @cbezerraphotos 41. Crystal clear beach at Bahamas From @giannistsou.1 42. Nice day at Bora Bora From @mariie_j 43. The beauty of Zanzibar, Tanzania From @dreamdhow 44. What a beauty of Phi Phi Island From @itsmekarinamariya 45. My new friend at Maldives From @sotti 46. Spend my best day in the Maldives From @maldivestribes 47. Cycladic Gem Luxury Villa From @adrianbaias 48. Sending good vibe from the Maldives From @maldivestribes 49. Take me back to Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives From @alexpreview 50. Surfing day at Maldives From @maldivestribes 51. Good old day at the Maldives, hope to see it again soon From @andathousandwords 52. Relaxing mood at the beach in the Maldives From @maldivestribes 53. Sun Siyam Vilu Reef From @icemanphotos 54. Thrown back old day at Bora Bora From @jeremyaustiin 55. Bring me back to the old day at the Maldives From @maldivestribes 56. Those adorable fishes at Bahamas From @giannistsou.1 56. Madeira definitely surpassed our expectations once again From @justkay 57. Silently standing at the edge watching the sky illuminate at The Oregon Coast From @melissafindley 58. Such an amazing atmosphere From @aocarre 59. One of the fortresses from the 80 years' war on the border between the Netherlands and Germany From @johan_drone_adventures 60. Enjoying precious moments at Barrage de Tseuzier From @ale_bnd 61. Nuremberg is so beautiful. Germany in autumn has some amazing colors From @rebecca.paviola 62. A combination of mountains, islands, sunset colors & mood From @dominiclars 63. From a very chilly day last week as this beauty seemed to freeze before my eyes From @wilderness_addict 64. The beautiful waterfall at Arizona From @walasavagephoto 65. Wake up at dawn to see this wonder. I can't wait to go back to Alpe di Siusi From @rebecca.paviola 66. If you're not living in a mountainous fantasy wonderland right now, at Canada From @walasavagephoto 67. A wild and remote strip of coast, at Fiordland NZ From @william_patino 68. Eystrahorn is one of the tallest peaks of the Krossasnesfjall mountain, Eastern Region (Iceland) From @jonfromiceland 69. Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind, at Fairy Falls From @alexhayes 70. Beautiful Ponta do Sol, Madeira From @viewsbykevin 71. This was our first spot in Kazakhstan From @long.explorer 72. I could lay in bed here all day From @rachel.right 73. This curved pool which is one of the most unique in the Maldives From @mgtenazas 74. This is the most impressive pagoda in all of Bagan From @johan_drone_adventures 75. Good day from Atmosphere Burj Khalifa, the highest restaurant in the world From 76. Bólafjall is located in the remote Westfjords by the tiny fishing village 77. The perfect sunset in Yosemite National Park From @manueldietrichphotography 78. Emerald Lake definitely lives up to its name, must be on your bucket list From @walasavagephoto 79. The Bromo volcano is probably one of the most known and photographed volcanos in the world From @johan_drone_adventures 80. Hawaii Life From @lauroria 81. The definition of Paradise, at Bora Bora, French Polynesia From @jeremyaustiin 82. The paradise name Bora Bora From @kincaidgalleries 83. Welcome to paradise at Krabi, Thailand From @lugaresquevocedeveconhecer 84. It’s a tropical paradise that’s made for unforgettable memories! Have you ever been here? From @maldivestribes 85. Sending you good vibes from Maldives From @mitchellpettigrew 86. Good morning from Mabul Island, Sabah From @lynnl0107 87. Tropical vibes in Bali, Indonesia From @lisa.muuur 88. A perfect spot to relax, Maldives From @benjamin_bryant_ 89. Bora Bora, French Polynesia From @jeremyaustiin 90. Thrown back when I was Les Landes From @mathis_delbono 91. Do y’all mis summer? Throw back goot time at Okinawa, Japan From @plumering 92. Do you want to spend your time in a tropical paradise, Maldives From @maldivestribes 93. Moody bike rides in Oahu, Hawaii From @blondebeachvibes 94. Earth Paradise Island, at Maldives From @maldivesdreamhotels 95. Tag your travel squad if you can’t wait to get away with them From @projectfomo @kristychaaan @elainethi @iamjaqueline @laurenrufff @liverichmedia 96. Amazing sunset capture in Lombok, Indonesia From @daianadaiana 97. Exploring the Phi Phi Island From @mrtravelife 98. Winter is coming, enjoy the beauty of winter in Gudbrandsdalen, Oppland From @Jappern 99. Winter adventure in Kautokeino, Norway From @kajssakarlsson 100. Christmas in Norway is something truly special, Røros is the perfect place to get in the Christmas spirit From @tatsolbe 101. Imagine starting the Friday like this From @isakbrun 102. Guiding a reindeer herd in Northern Norway to their Christmas destination From @eventyr 103. Skiing above the clouds in Trysil, Norway From @nikkoloken 104. Cuteness overload, send out the puppy From @erleamaliefuglesteg 105. 1st of December and winter came perfectly on time From @gabrielhofstra 106. One of the last sunsets in Northern Norway this year From @jensenmedia 107. Reindeer is leaving from tundra of Kautokeino From @samiway_no 108. Nice afternoon enjoying ridges. Days start to get short here in Norway From @kilianjornet 109. Good morning from Tromsø From @msacrest61 110. The snow is back. Can you guess the city? From @jensenmedia 111. Surprise you with a big bubble feeding in front of your boat From @clementbrouste 112. When the first snow arrive at the alpaca farm From @lillealpakka 113. Cruising in Sognefjorden From @olika_haidar 114. Wishing I was spending another morning on top of Texas From @andrewfisher7 115. Falling in love with the art of living through moments like this From @7vensuns 116. Anyone fancy some sun right about now? From @sennarelax 117. California coast camping at its finest From @alphawanderlust 118. Chasing the most breathtaking sunrise next to Mt. Batur in northern Bali From @7vensuns 119. Sending good vibe from Bali From @7vensuns 120. Lauterbrunnen is a paradise in Switzerland From @lucianohcor 121. Took this shot on my way up to one of the highest points in the Middle East, Lebanon From @wanderingpat 122. Water Villa Goals at Soneva Jani, Maldives From @bellanomade 123. Strolling towards the glacier from Svinafellsjokull Glacier From @mudithj 124. Absolute gem at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Loop in the Italian Dolomites From @mudithj 125. The pink clouds making their way through the majestic mountains of Mt. Rainier National Park From @flopunktwe 126. Wanderlust couple goals, picnic at the beach and watching sunset in the middle of Indian Ocean From @bellanomade @discoversoneva 127. Which way to Pizza & Pasta? Lake Como must be on your bucket list From @twosometravellers 128. The picture perfect, fairy tale like landscapes of Switzerland From @cumacevikphoto @skylum_global 129. Road trip vibes in Iceland From @benedikteroness 130. Healing rays of sunlight shine in a love heart shaped cave in beautiful Chiba, Japan From @takaphilography 131. Private dining and a therapeutic view for two From @fashioninmysoul 132. The flying ship, Singapore From @trystane 133. The magical countryside of Grindelwald Switzerland From @evyinswitzerland 134. Crystal clear Florida springs From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon 135. Iceland is nothing short of magic From @voyagefox_ 136. From another world, the beautiful night sky and landscapes of Utah From @nickwoolz 137. Who wishes they were sailing the islands of Capri right now From @visitcapriofficial 138. One of the very few places that are even more beautiful in real life From @voyagefox_ 139. Incredible grizzly bear family at Yukon Canada From @helbertruiz 140. China is one interesting travel destination From @jordhammond 141. Yee Peng Festival is celebrated on the full moon of the twelfth lunar month ever year From @trystane 142. Gorgeous sunset and hot air balloon sunset in the Maldives From Unknown 143. A bear surveying his territory in Jasper National Park, Alberta From @mwhellams 144. Hidden cabin in the snowy forest From @rikunorakari .

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