Emoji Synonym Selfie

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Emoji Synonym Selfie

Description Emoji Synonym Selfie on the iPad using the free app Pic Collage. Easily integrate this low prep Emoji iPad® mobile digital device activity into your classroom. Students will first use a Dictionary app to find synonyms for worn-out describing words. Next students will take a selfie, insert the selfie into PicCollage™ and pop an Emoji on their head that best represents the meaning of their word. Students will decorate their digital poster with the worn-out word and its synonyms. Works as a writing center, grammar activity, or character trait discussion in reading. Packet includes: ★ 6 student friendly step-by-step visual direction pages for completing the activity independently using both apps. ★ 1 recording sheet for writing synonyms. ★ 1 set of mini iPads for sharing any images made via QR code. Print out the activity pages and distribute to your students or leave in an iPad center. You will need the free app Pic Collage™, Dictionary and a QR reader app. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since my products all utilize free web and app resources, there may be rare times that the technology does not work as planned, which may be out of my control. Please be sure to message me in the Q&A section so I can assist you before leaving feedback. I use all of the apps that I base my packets on frequently and will update products as the apps themselves update. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Emoji Activities ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More with Pic Collage™: ★ Selfie Scoot on the iPad ★ Would You Rather Scoot on the iPad ★ Student Survey Scoot on the iPad ★ Parts of Speech Scoot on the iPad ★ iPad Activity Task Cards: Create READING Strategy Posters on the App Pic Collage™ ★ iPad Activity Task Cards: Create MATH Posters on the App Pic Collage™ ★ iPad Activity Task Cards: Create WRITING Author's Craft Posters on the App Pic Collage™ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ iPad and App Store are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Erintegration is not affiliated with and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc.

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Emoji Synonym Selfie

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