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1 pièce Costume dessin animé escargot design fête gonflable
DIY Snoopy Costume
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Costuming Charlie Brown: Snoopy’s costume
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Découvrez notre dernière campagne inspirée de notre ville natale, en compagnie du mannequin britannique Lila Moss.
snoopy costume
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So this was a pretty simple project. We bought beach balls and covered them with about 5 layers of paper mâché. Once they were dry we cut out neck holes and spray painted them white. Next we cut out the mouth area and hot glued sheer black fabric on the upper lip inside of the head (the mouth is where you will see out of). For hair we used pipe cleaners (Linus/Charlie Brown), yarn (Sally/Peppermint Patty) and stuffing spray painted black (Lucy). We used black sharpies to draw the facial feat...
Des looks d'automne à combiner encore et encore
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