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"If someone destroys me emotionally, I can destroy him physically but that would make me no different than him. So it’s wiser to forgive and take it as a lesson and _move on." - Bruce Lee - )
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Ceci est un jean Levi’s®. Portez-le. Déchirez-le. Retroussez-le. Aimez-le.
Canapé d'angle droit convertible 5 places ETERNITY coloris anthracite/ gris.
Cf "Do not correct a fool or he will hate you ; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you." - Bruce Lee - )
+ de 20.000 🐶 sont conquis par Dog Chef ! Et vous, quand est-ce que votre chien aura la chance de goûter nos délicieux repas ? 😋
You need 3 hobbies
Teachings... - Relationship
Be careful what you tolerate Be careful what you tolerate
If I Tell You I’m Good, You Would Probably Think ......
The importance of a beginning : Why you should start?
FitBoard Fuel Vol. 6: 20 Rad FitBoard Posts
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