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What purpose is the militia?
What is the Purpose.......
This has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word 'fraud', on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime. The real purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that state armies-the militia-would be maintained for the defense of the state.  The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kink of weapon he or she desires."  EarlWarren
Applicability of the Concepts of Operational Design in a Peace Environment (Paperback)
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How Alexander Hamilton solved America's gun problem — 228 years ago
The Constitutional Militia: The Defense of the Nation Is the Responsibility of Its People
Integrating Critical Thinking in the Curriculum of the Command and General Staff College (Paperback)
A Scheme for Establishing County Poor-Houses, in the Kingdom of Ireland. Published by Order of the Dublin Society. the Second Edition.
Fighting for Freedom : A Documented Story (Paperback)
Armor of God: Shoes of Peace
The Fables of Æsop. With the Moral Reflexions of Monsieur Baudoin. Translated From the French. To Which is Prefix'd by Another Hand; The True Life of Æsop, by Monsieur de Meziriac (Hardcover)
A Call to Purpose During the Pandemic
James Burns, Captain 23rd Ill. Vols ; Patrick S. Carey, proprietor of the City Mansion Hotel which the Amrican Fenians principally resorted ...
Quadruple-Armed 9th Plate CS Image of a  soldier wearing an UP-SIDE-DOWN "OVM" Plate.  Coming from the Famous Dr. Reeves Collection  2 revolvers, a classic Sheffield fighting knife, and US Model 1842 .69 caliber musket & bayonet  Excellent archetypical Southern Battleshirt he's wearing, with cravat, kepi, full accouterments!  This image comes from the renowned collector/collection/appraiser, Dr. Reeves. It is a 9th-plate Ambrotype fully-cased image, of a quadruple armed Southern soldier, in his classic southern "Battleshirt", with fancy cravat, fully "accoutered" with all of his gear, but with an upside down "OVM" ["Ohio Volunteer Militia"] pre-war belt plate.  For those who know "just enough" about ambrotype images and say, "But, they took the 'reverse' image and then transposed it onto the glass plate...".  Yes, they did, but the "reverse" image taken was reversed vertically and not horizontally.  Otherwise, his weapons, and everything, would be upside down.  The soldier is wearing this prewar only, Ohio Volunteer Militia plate purposefully upside down.  So, not only is he a Confederate, in battleshirt and kepi, fully-outfitted (already "ultra-rare"!), but wearing a rare belt plate, and obviously upside down. There again, proving he is a Johnny Reb, 100% as "corn-pone and molasses".  He is holding in his left hand a pre-war Whitney "Pocket" revolver, with a Colt Pocket or Navy revolver tucked into his left-side of his belt, next to his bayonet, and the archetypical silvered handle (you can tell by the exclusive handle shape and form) to the world-famous and prolific, Sheffield-made fighting knife tucked into his right-side, and his right hand is holding a US Model 1842 .69 caliber smoothbore musket with bayonet attached (you can tell it's an 1842 model because of the ramrod and barrel bands).  But, what this picture is trying to tell US is one of two unique stories about this soldier.  He is obviously an early war soldier, given the image is an ambrotype (the older, more common style in the South at the beginning of the War), and he has all this weapons and accouterments.  The "Battleshirts" were truly only "common" to see at the beginning of the War.  So, that tells us it's an "early-war" image.  So, why does he have a prewar "Ohio Volunteer Militia" belt plate?  Remember, once the war broke-out, Ohio's militia officially switched from "militia" units to regular volunteer units, and thus they immediately stopped making "Ohio Volunteer Militia" plates for the "Ohio Volunteer Infantry".  Again, why does this Rebel soldier, proudly showing his disgust for the Union/Ohio by wearing it purposely upside down, have or get this plate?  One theory is that it was after an early battle in 1861/early 1862 where the Johnnies won, and he took the plate (as all new Confederate soldiers were desperate for  any serviceable equipment and accouterments).  But, there is also a possible chance, given known, factual history, that this was an Ohioan, a true "Buckeye" from Ohio, that was in the prewar Ohio Volunteer Militia, but when war broke-out, that he went South to fight.  It is well documented, though not in large numbers, that squads, platoons, and even multiple companies of men from these mid-western states along the Mason-Dixon Line went South when the war broke-out, and fought in Southern units.  That's why the Northeast Republicans and Lincoln administration called them in that region "Copperheads".  Around Cincinnati, Ohio (alone the Ohio River--the Mason Dixon Line), there was an old cemetery where a man born there, in a small hamlet called "Gano", had a Confederate gravestone from the UVC/SCV.  Born in Gano, Ohio, he served in a Tennessee Cavalry regiment, and survived the war, and came back, died, but, he made sure that he got a Confederate gravestone.  In that region, they were not all in favor of "fighting and dying" for the issue of slavery, nor cared a anything about it.  Many believed the South had every right to secede from the Union, as their ancestors just did 80 years earlier against Britain.  Some had family in the South still, and would leave their northern homes to fight for their family and honor and beliefs.  Regardless, we will never truly know the "story" of this soldier and his upside down "Ohio Volunteer Militia" prewar belt buckle.
An act for Dividing and Inclosing the Common Fields, Common Pastures, Common Meadows, Common Grounds, and Waste Grounds, of and in the Manor and Parish of Thenford, Otherwise Fenford, in the County of Northampton (Hardcover)
gunrunnerhell: “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit.” - Morihei Ueshiba
10 Greatest War Tactics Ever Performed in History
5 Necessities To Win In Spiritual Warfare
Using Your Spiritual Authority Vs Someone Else's Armor
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