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today is full of possible
I believe in this quote 100% it worked for me and I was a scrooge for love at one point. Then I focused on myself and the man I am with now going on a year came out of no where, and I believed in love again. It's possible when you really don't believe it is anymore, but don't give up, if anything always love yourself. And to update this quote, the man that made me believe in love again, I can now say I'm engaged to. I also love myself even more, and it was working on the words in this quote....
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Changed Attitudes do aid recovery. My attitude influences my recovery choices. Serenity is possible with changes in my attitude, expectations, and responses. As I grew in Al-anon, it became clear that my true responsibility was to care for myself. My caretaking and controlling actually hurt others, possibly cheating them out of an opportunity to learn and grow. Today I can detach with love, not only because it's a nice thing to do but because it really is the only way we can truly Let Go and Let
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26 Great Share-Worthy Inspirational Quotes
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