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Perfectionism Quotes - 39 Inspiring Quotes To Overcome Perfectionism
Reminder: Progress Over Perfection
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Progress not perfection. Perfection stalls, inhibits and many times completely calls to a halt progress. Goals are not accomplished, and we are not fulfilled. Each day we make progress is good. We find fulfillment in the progression not the perfection. Excited to make progress today!
The goal is continuous progress - Gymaholic Fitness App
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Progress, not perfection, one day at a time.
Strive for progress not perfection. Perfection is a myth. People often quit without realizing slow progress is still progress. Stay focused. The goal isn't to set the bar so high its unattainable. The goal is simply to be better than you were yesterday. #goalcrusher #motivationmonday #gaoldigger #progress #journey
Strive for progress, not perfection. From the Motivation app:
Motivational SVG - The Goal Is Progress, Not Perfection SVG Cut File - Digital Files Only
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