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The Book of Revelations
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Coffee & A Good Vibe Ep. #51 is jam-packed with reminders and revelations for how you can keep the vibe high when you’re feeling down & much more! Be kind to yourself! 💛 .. Share the love & your thoughts over on Instagram: @ayeshasehra or @coffeeandagoodvibe ! .. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: | |
Prophetic Revelation Through Journaling The Words of God
The two witnesses or anointed ones as described in the prophetic books of Zechariah and Revelation, are paramount to the end time church. The prophet Zechariah receives a vision of two witnesses, at first glance, seemed only relevant to his time, but John also receives a vision of the same two witnesses, but as end time prophets...
Revelations 12:10-11
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