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Chapter 12- reflexive verbs in the present tense. This shows how to conjugate the verbs listed.
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Chapter 12- reflexive verbs in passé composé. There is a list of reflexive verbs with their conjugations.
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💯 French Reflexive Verbs
💯 French Reflexive Verbs
List of common French reflexive verbs - "se" verbs. We use the reflexive form in French when one does something to oneself.
This is a fairly simple text for beginner learners of French (French 1 and/or French 2) that allows them to practice reading comprehension skills in the context of the daily routine vocabulary (reflexive verbs in present tense). After having read the story, students have to complete a very short MC section to demonstrate their reading comprehension, and make a list of the reflexive verbs used in the story. This activity could be extended to having asked students to write a short paragr...
French Vocab: 45 Words to express your Daily Routine
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