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Make sure to look up their definitions and found out how they are used in context.
Instead of 'look' use
Mercredi 7 décembre, découvrez l’album jeunesse « Grand Blanc » dans le Happy Meal™️.
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Looking up synonyms of sloth and diligence and looking up the definitions of words that caught my attention.
FEBRUA-ary: the 'Februa' referred to a festival of purification, so I decided to look up synonyms for the seven deadly sins.  Covet, I realized,  is a word I hardly ever use.   I made a fake phone app, using the vocab word as my app's name.  I like the idea.    Then I wrote seven sentences, trying to have fun with the word.  Near the end, you can see I was starting to plan for Valentine's Day through writing.
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Lindsay Griswold ➕ Find Wondrous Things on Instagram: "Did you know, if you look up the word “delight” in a dictionary, “manna” is a synonym 🤯 God’s word is nourishment to us. It’s a delight. Something he provides for us that we get to enjoy. It satisfies us like nothing us. Enjoy it + long for it + seek it."
Writing Aid - words that describe someone's voice (Butterfly and Bear)
Eve and Co, les culottes qui changent les règles. Du XXS au 3XL, pour tous les flux.
58 Most Common Phrasal Verbs List
48 Words Use Instead of Very
No Farting Zone Refrigerator / Tool Box Magnet Gift Card Insert Man Cave Item
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