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Who wants to continue this legacy🙌
& I didn't truly get the whole ”death of the author" paradigm until I watched the harry potter fandom collectively divorce JKR flfluffmugger #also it’s not 'ust cursed child#it's also all the slytherin kids branded evil#it’s about ending a series with babies ever after#writing an epilogue designed for baby boomers in a series aimed at millennials#it’s harry naming his kid after two abusers#it's about claiming dumbledore is gay for Diversity Points#but in a movie series featuring his life#and featuring the one he Ioved#there won't be a trace of it#it's about casting an abuser then making excuses for ít#when hp is the story of an abuse survivor#it's about everything to do with the american magical community#from cultural mai'#sorry rowling#you started us off#but now#our cityfl - )
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On American wizard schools:
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JKR on our Golden Trio.
จอร์จ ซาร่า - Masketeer X Sleep Flowz X JKR - YouTube
Joker #2 Neal Adams Exclusive Cover - Raw Signed Copy
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JKR interviews & Pottermore: After Deathly Hallows Luna Lovegood travels the world searching for magical creatures. In South America she meets & marries Rolf Scamander, Newt Scamander's grandson, and together they have twin boys, Lorcan and Lysander. Making her Newt Scamander's granddaughter-in-law.
Harry Potter
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Harry Potter funny pictures
Entrée, Plat, Dessert, GET 27 s’il vous plaît.
Potterless on
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