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A huge part of knowing if you should stay in a relationship and/or give someone time to get to know you, is asking God for discernment. God can see the heart of man and can reveal to you who they truly are, if you will listen. Always pray for discernment in any attempted relationship. - "Single to Married Devotional", Get it here:
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Satisfaction Through Christ : Excuses and what they have to do with discerning God's will. A challenging word looking into the heart of discerning God's will.
Understanding God's Will, 7 Steps for discerning God's Will
How to live your whole life as a calling - The concept of vocation
8 Questions to Ask When Discerning God’s Will
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How to live your whole life as a calling - The concept of vocation
Prayer for discernment
3 Ways to Discern God's Will
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If you ever feel like you're playing "rock-paper-scissors" with you life, these 7 steps can help you discern God's will. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible
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Good Intentions Vs. God's Intentions
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How to Know Where God is Guiding You
How to Discern God's Will for Your Life
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