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Leg day today with @pat_marcucci and @n_nardacci213 here are two leg extension variations I would use during my quad days. They also work great as a superset and that is how I did them today! // Leg Extensions (w/pause) - the key here is to positions your knees past the pivot point of the machine. What this will do is allow the pad to roll up your shins as you contract this increases the leverage your quad as to contract the closer the pad is to your knee (less weight) I wouldn't do it like this all the time but it's great to throw this variation in there // Leg Extension Partials - since your quads become very weak during a full contraction the bottom part usually is  it challenged enough. So load up a little more weight and just focus on the bottom 2/3 of the move. I would use this towards the end of my quad workout or as a superset. //  @impendingdoom  // #workout #singularity #dedication #cheese #pie #apples #chest #shoulders #arms #back #legs #hamstings #bodybuilding #npc #classic #physique #gym #motivation #instagood #like #comment #life #fitness #exercisesceince #food #muscle #educateanddominate #MI40nation
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