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after work drinks at Kettners. - Soho, London. I had a picante
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Legendary London bartender Dick Bradsell created the Bramble in 1984 whilst working at Fred's Bar in London's Soho neighborhood. It was intended to be a quintessentially British cocktail inspired by British flavors. The Bramble rapidly became the go-to gin drink in many bartenders' repertoire and arguably propelled gin cocktails back into the limelight. Check out this Ford's Gin Bramble recipe on Drizly.
Best Bars in Soho, London: Cool and Quirky Bars for Cocktails + Wine
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Graphic Bar. A cool sophisticated drinking space in Soho. After the first artist install, we have completely changed the aesthetic by periodically incorporating different artists work. Artists so far include Ben Allen and Ben Eine, shown here and known for his famous shutter artwork around the city.
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