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Always remember you are braver than you believe, Primitive Sign, Stronger, Smarter, Loved, Wood Sign, Inspirational Sign, Child Sign
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It doesn't get easier. You get stronger.
Typical Relationship with a Narcissist: You'll start out as the absolute love gtnmgiflanllfign mmm you do Is ever right or good enough. You'll give everything and they'll take It all. They'll give you very little In return while complalnlng that you are always the problem. You'll end up emotlonally. mentally. splrltually. and financially abused and then be blamed for It. - )
I will never forget that pain. And I will always be reminded of the lesson, and I was stronger than I knew!!
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When we really like you, the sarcasm gets stronger than ever before.
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Keep hating - because you're "hate" is really jealousy. Jealousy because you love some shit life, and you can't find a way out of it. But you know what? THAT'S WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR - TO ABSOLUTELY ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF YOU WITH HOW GOOD OUR LIFE TOGETHER TURNED OUT AFTER EACH OF YOU FUCKIN DOUCHEBAGS AND LOSERS DID EVERYTHING YOU COULD TO RUIN US. Came back smarter, stronger, and with a mission to THROW IT ALL IN YOUR DAMN FACES.
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I love everything about you - your vibrant sparkling smile, your gorgeous hair, your absolute stunning beautiful self!!! I am permanently in love you each and everyday that will never fade but gets stronger over time!!! I love you ❤
Every day that passes by, makes my love for you grow even stronger.
Absolutely very day remember you are stronger then you think and very courageous to keep going with this daily battle between your body, mind, and spirit. You are Courageous my fellow Chiari Warrior's  !! 💜
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