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Good Looking Ugly Stuff: Dish Drying Racks, Plungers and Toilet Brushes – Chris Loves Julia


Good Looking Ugly Stuff: Dish Drying Racks, Plungers and Toilet Brushes – Chris Loves Julia

Today’s post is inspired by everyday, simple, yet overlooked items often forgotten when designing a home. We will be taking a much closer look at dish drying racks, plungers, and toilet brushes. Thanks to Chris Loves Julia for shining a spotlight on these indispensable household items.

Dish drying racks, plungers, and toilet brushes are household items that many people would consider benign or even ugly. We don’t usually notice them unless, of course, they’re in the middle of the floor and in our way. These items themselves, however, come in various designs, shapes and colors. Often neglected, many have fixed designs used over the last few decades. But it’s time to change that.

These are items that you can get for a great price and can be the center of attention in your kitchen or bathroom. They remind us that small, daily tasks can offer an aesthetic pleasure, making even the most basic activities such as washing dishes or unclogging a drain, a slight bit more interesting!

Our homes are filled with hundreds of items, products, and tools that are designed to be functional. But many of these items can cause so much clutter or appear so out of place in our homes that they can actually become eyesores. However, it’s not all about improving how our homes look aesthetically; it’s about making our homes spaces we actually want to spend time in.

A home is a place where we should feel comfortable and relaxed. Taking note of and elevating these items, often concealed deep in the cupboards, can actually bring a lot of joy and functionality to the space. So, let’s dive in!

Let’s talk about Dish Drying Racks

If you think that dish drying racks are only functional and not stylish, prepare to be amazed. Nowadays, you can find beautiful dish drying racks that not only do their job but take it one step further by flaunting minimalist designs and sturdy structures. With many different colors and nordic or classic designs, they can easily fit into many different types of kitchen decor. You can easily find a dish drying rack that complements your kitchen perfectly with a variety of different shapes, materials, and functional designs.

– Material: Stainless steel and silicone
– Aesthetic: Minimalistic
– Shape: Geometric
– Colors: Black, white, grey, etc.


Plungers are pretty much the unspoken heroes of the bathroom. They are not so pretty or visually appealing, but they are a necessity. However, plungers don’t need to be unattractive eyesores. New and improved plungers offer sleek and stylish design options that do not resemble the standard rubber cup style. These new versions add a stylish touch to your bathroom while providing the functionality that you need. Check them out the next time you are in a home goods store or need to replace your plunger at home!

– Material: Plastic and stainless steel
– Aesthetic: Sleek
– Shape: Modern
– Colors: White, bronze, chrome, etc.

Now let’s dive into Toilet Brushes

We have become accustomed to ugly, conventional toilet brushes that are always tucked away, out of sight. The toilet brush has been preventing those hard water lines for decades now, but that doesn’t mean that they should be eyesores. Now you can equip your bathroom with a chic, stylized toilet brush that will make your porcelain throne sparkle and look good doing it. Plus, many modern designs are not only visually pleasing but also feature protective coatings to keep those germs at bay.

– Material: Silicone and steel
– Aesthetic: Stylish
– Shape: Sleek and slender
– Colors: Black, white, rose gold, etc.

No longer should these items remain plain and uninspired. They might not have exciting uses or designs, but that doesn’t mean they should weigh down your space. You can have stylish, chic versions that make life a little bit more joyful.

Get Inspired

When we embark on a journey to remodel or renovate our homes, we often put an emphasis on large furniture items, room layout, or the paint color of our walls. Our daily household items tend to take a backseat and are often overlooked. Today’s post ought to make you look at dish drying racks, plungers, and toilet brushes in a new light, demonstrating that even the most common items in our home can bring a sense of personality, style, and aesthetic to our living spaces.

It’s important to keep in mind that our homes are made up of everyday details that need just as much attention as big-ticket items. So why not give pretty dish drying racks, plungers, and toilet brushes a try? They might sound like minor changes, but they have the potential to make a significant impact on our living spaces.

In conclusion, it’s wonderful to invest in items that add visual interest in every room of your home. Items such as dish drying racks, plungers, and toilet brushes can help make small, everyday tasks feel more fun and enjoyable. By incorporating these items in our home, we can bring style and flair into every corner of the house, turning even the most mundane household chores into something aesthetically pleasing.

By acknowledging these everyday items, we can truly turn the most average and overlooked necessities in our home into modern and aesthetically pleasing essentials.

Feel free to check out the full article by Chris Loves Julia and be inspired by the possibilities in transforming the everyday. Take a moment to look at these items and consider the joy and satisfaction they can bring to the day-to-day tasks.

Are there items like dish drying racks, plungers and toilet brushes that you need to find alternatives for at home? How do you use these items in your space? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of discussing the aesthetic appeal of household items?

Many people might think that it’s a bit trivial to discuss the aesthetic appeal of everyday household items, such as dish drying racks, plungers, and toilet brushes. However, the way we bring beauty and style into our space is through the little things. By transforming these items into something stylish, we can bring craftsmanship and joy into the mundane tasks and add decorative elements to your space in unexpected ways.

Do the colors and designs of these items really make that much of a difference in the look of a room?

Yes, they absolutely do. Having a cohesive color scheme and practical yet visually appealing items in a room can instantly elevate its entire design. Making sure that all your household items complement the overall look and feel of your home is a surefire way to bring style, charm, and elegance into your space.

Is it worth spending extra money to replace old, not so stylish items that nobody really sees anyway?

Aesthetically pleasing items can influence our daily lives more than we might see at first glance – and that’s definitely worth considering. While it might seem insignificant, coming home to a space that is visually appealing and full of stylish, practical items can uplift your mood and add joy into your everyday life.

Should I overlook the practicality of the item for the sake of aesthetics?

Absolutely not. You should always ensure that its primary function prevails, so the consideration of aesthetics shouldn’t compromise its use. The items should be beautiful in style but also need to perform well in their function without compromise.