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Fashion’s new favourite sports: Tennis and golf


Fashion’s new favourite sports: Tennis and golf

When it comes to sports, there are some that have always been synonymous with fashion; think of the sleek, stylish outfits worn in tennis and the preppy, classic look of golf attire. However, in recent years, these sports have been gaining even more ground in the fashion world, and it’s not just about the aesthetic appeal. The practical and performance-focused nature of tennis and golf wear has been catching the eye of designers and sports enthusiasts alike, making them the new favourites in the world of fashion.

The Rise of Fashion in Tennis

Over the past few years, tennis has seen a resurgence in popularity. With the likes of Serena Williams and Roger Federer making headlines both on and off the court, the sport has become a hot topic in the fashion world. Tennis fashion has evolved beyond the traditional white outfits seen at Wimbledon, incorporating bold prints, bright colors, and high-performance fabrics that can keep up with the rigors of the game. The collaboration between fashion and function has made tennis wear not only stylish but also practical for players of all levels.

  • The Fashion-Tennis Connection: Tennis has always had a fashion element, with players often making a statement with their on-court attire. However, the recent surge in interest in the sport has led to a more pronounced overlap between tennis and fashion, with designers creating collections specifically inspired by the sport.
  • Practical and Performance-Led: Modern tennis wear is designed to provide both style and functionality. From moisture-wicking fabrics to body-hugging silhouettes, tennis fashion is all about enabling players to perform their best while looking their best.

Golf: A Fashionable Sport

Golf has long been associated with a specific type of fashion—polo shirts, khaki shorts, and visors come to mind. However, just like tennis, golf wear has undergone a transformation in recent years. The modern golf aesthetic is a blend of classic, preppy style with cutting-edge performance features. Brands are creating golf attire that is not only appropriate for the course but also versatile enough to be worn off the course, blurring the lines between golf fashion and everyday wear.

Fashion’s Take on Tennis and Golf

Both tennis and golf have become playgrounds for innovative fashion. Brands are rethinking their approach to sports and leisurewear, bridging the gap between performance and style. Whether it’s a patterned tennis dress that transitions seamlessly from the court to brunch or a moisture-wicking golf polo that looks just as good on the green as it does at the bar, fashion is redefining the boundaries of sports attire.

Tennis and Golf: The Pandemic Effect

The pandemic has played a significant role in the renewed interest in tennis and golf. With limited options for indoor activities, people turned to outdoor sports, leading to a surge in popularity for both tennis and golf. Additionally, these sports offered a safe way for people to get active and socialize while maintaining social distancing, making them even more appealing during these unprecedented times.

The Future of Fashion-Sports Fusion

It’s clear that the intersection of fashion and sports is only getting stronger, with tennis and golf taking center stage. As the boundaries continue to blur between traditional sportswear and high fashion, we can expect to see even more innovation in the world of sports attire. With a focus on both performance and style, the future looks bright for those who want to look great while staying active, whether on the court, the green, or beyond.


1. Is tennis and golf fashion just for athletes?

No, the fashion inspired by tennis and golf is designed to be both stylish and functional, catering to anyone who wants to incorporate performance-focused clothing into their everyday wardrobe.

2. How has the pandemic affected the popularity of tennis and golf?

The pandemic led to a surge in interest in outdoor activities, including tennis and golf, as people sought safe ways to stay active and socialize. This increased interest has also translated into a renewed focus on fashion in these sports.

3. Can tennis and golf wear be worn beyond the court and course?

Absolutely! The fashion inspired by tennis and golf is designed to be versatile, allowing individuals to seamlessly transition from the court or course to everyday life, blurring the lines between sports and leisure attire.

4. What sets fashion-led tennis and golf wear apart from traditional sportswear?

Fashion-led tennis and golf wear places a strong emphasis on style without compromising on performance. The focus is on creating pieces that not only look great but also function well in the context of the sport, making them stand out from traditional sportswear.