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DIY Wooden Bead Napkin Rings


DIY Wooden Bead Napkin Rings

Are you looking for a simple yet stylish way to dress up your table setting? Look no further! These DIY wooden bead napkin rings are the perfect addition to any table, whether it’s for an everyday meal or a special occasion. With just a few basic materials and a little bit of creativity, you can create beautiful napkin rings that will impress your guests and add a touch of elegance to your table.

Wooden bead napkin rings have been gaining popularity as a versatile and stylish table accessory. They are easy to make, and you can customize them to match your table decor and personal style. Whether you want a natural and rustic look or something more modern and chic, wooden bead napkin rings are a perfect way to add a touch of class to your table setting.

If you’re ready to give your table a stylish upgrade, let’s jump into the details of how to make your own DIY wooden bead napkin rings.

Materials and Tools You’ll Need

  • Wooden beads in various sizes
  • Twine or string
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you have all your materials ready, it’s time to get started on making your own DIY wooden bead napkin rings. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Cut a piece of twine measuring 20 inches long.
  2. String the wooden beads onto the twine, alternating between sizes and colors to create a unique pattern.
  3. Tie a knot at both ends of the twine to secure the beads in place.
  4. If desired, you can add a tassel or other embellishments to the napkin rings using the hot glue gun.

Congratulations! You’ve now created your very own set of beautiful wooden bead napkin rings. These rings are not only practical but also add a touch of elegance to your table setting. Place them around your folded napkins, and watch as they elevate the entire look and feel of your table.


Q: Are wooden bead napkin rings suitable for formal occasions?

A: Absolutely! Wooden bead napkin rings can be styled to suit any occasion, from everyday meals to formal dinner parties. You can choose different colors and bead sizes to match the theme of your event.

Q: Can I personalize the wooden bead napkin rings to match my table decor?

A: Yes, absolutely! One of the great things about making your own wooden bead napkin rings is that you can customize them to complement your table decor. Choose wooden beads in colors and sizes that coordinate with your table linens and dishes to create a cohesive look.

Q: How can I store my wooden bead napkin rings when not in use?

A: You can store your wooden bead napkin rings in a small box or container to keep them organized and prevent them from getting tangled. This will also help protect them from damage and ensure they stay in good condition for future use.

Q: Can I use different types of beads to create unique napkin rings?

A: Absolutely! While wooden beads are popular for creating napkin rings, you can experiment with different materials such as glass, metal, or ceramic beads to create unique and diverse designs. Let your creativity run wild and have fun experimenting with different bead types!