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Come one, come all to the official Pinterest of Christian Louboutin! Now pinning: a selection of our favorite things in the Loubiverse.

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Name: Christian Louboutin
Account Name: louboutinworld
Date of join: 12/17/2014 11:22:53 AM
Followers and Following 15775/46
Pin Count: 3794
Last Activity Date: 4/1/2023 1:34:15 PM
Last Save Activity Date: 3/31/2023 6:30:00 PM
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F.A.V Fique A Vontade Mid Cut
Step into your summer adventures with the F.A.V. Fique A Vontade sneakers.
Start planning your summer getaways: the F.A.V Fique A Vontade sneaker has dropped anchor. Photo by Corentin Leroux
The Mini Sharky Sock sneaker for girls is sure to have them jumping for joy.
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Loubila Chain mini
There's no biz like family biz! Let your youngest steal the show with the Mini Sharky Sock sneaker for girls.
Turn the dog's daily walk into a real catwalk with the Loubileash, Loubiharness and Pet Waste Bag.
Keep impeccable style in the family with the Mini Sharky Sock sneaker for girls, Toy Toy sneaker for men and Loubileash and Loubiharness for pooches. (And don't forget the Loubi pet waste bag!)
Electrify the night with the Loubi Duniss sandal and the Loubila Chain bag. #ChristianLouboutin
As for your next bright idea? Make it the Just Loubi sandal. #ChristianLouboutin
Not your average white sneaker: Meet the Adolon Junior. Photos by @Thibault_Theodore #ChristianLouboutin
Loubila Chain mini
Make every day pop with the neon Loubifunk bag and Loubi Belt. Photo by @Thibault_Theodore #ChristianLouboutin
As proven by the Just Arch sandal, the brighter the better. Photo by @Thibault_Theodore #ChristianLouboutin
The future is bright, the future is neon. Featuring the Loubishark sneaker and Loubi Duniss sandal. Photos by @Thibault_Theodore #ChristianLouboutin
Lean into fluorescence with the Loubila Chain bag, the Alyah du Désert sandal, the Loubifunk bag and the Loubi Belt. #ChristianLouboutin
Keep it slick in the city with the Adolon Junior sneaker. Photo by @Thibault_Theodore #ChristianLouboutin
Alyah Mule
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