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- Online fitness coach. 200,000 programs sold worldwide💞 - 📌 IG: @laurensimpson (2M)

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Name: Lauren Simpson
Account Name: laurensimpsonofficial
Date of join: 7/2/2020 2:22:51 PM
Followers and Following 11834/34
Pin Count: 132
Last Activity Date: 6/4/2023 6:07:49 PM
Last Save Activity Date: 7/30/2022 5:50:25 PM
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Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “Sometimes you just need to start saying ‘f*ck it’ and put yourself out there more often. ✌🏼 Because the more you play it small and the more…”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “GUILT VS FREEDOM 🥵🕊 I used to be so riddled with guilt after every meal out or any social event revolving around food. My mind was…”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “In between your big goals is a thing called living. ✌🏼💚”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “Be selective about how you spend your time and who you spend your time with. It’s a sign of self respect and self love. Surround yourself…”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “Halloween ❤️‍🔥😈❤️Say hello to my alter ego….”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “🌸Can we normalise: Bodies changing. We are not designed to remain the same our entire life. Not needing to justify or explain an…”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “No educational fitness caption tonight…just a happy Lauren, on date night and living for the beautiful moments in every day 💗✨ Don’t…”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “Lockdown life + body update 🔒 Every Sunday I’m going to post a little life update.🙋🏼‍♀️ Here in Sydney we have just finished our 9th week in…”
Lauren Simpson on Instagram: “MYTH BUSTING: CAN YOU STILL DRINK ALCOHOL + LOSE FAT? 🍸 The answer in short is YES. If you are in a calorie deficit you will drop body fat…”
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