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Suffering from wanderlust and cat-separation anxiety while dreaming about the best brands fashion has to offer

Name: Jaun-Pierre Diedericks
Account Name: jpdiedericks
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you're special to me.
.where are you?
*Another way to say this is: 잊지 마세요/ ijji maseyo (more formal)  **Or you can say: Don’t forget me ~ 나를 잊지 말아(요)/ nareul ijji mara(yo)
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I'm On My Way #Bobby #iKON
Calm Down/ Chill Down
Can you hear me?
Perfect way for me to learn
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니가뭔데? niga mwonde Who do you think you are? #learn #Korean
Don't give up. Fighting! :)
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garyoldmanss-deactivated2014030 said: It's a front view nose, but a bit to the side Answer: In this case: One of my art teachers suggested using circles to construct the tip/nostrils of the nose. I...
Learning Korean
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Korean lesson
Korean useful phrases
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