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Name: Chaumet
Account Name: chaumet
Date of join: 11/9/2012 2:04:56 PM
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Discover our entirely customisable Les Acrostiches Jeux de Liens bracelets and tell a secret message with letters symbolised by precious colourful gemstones.
A symbolization of unique attachment sparkles close to the heart. Unite your destinies with the meaningful crossed links of Jeux de Liens.
Chaumet’s Liens Collection Friendship has its talisman. Find the wearable reminder of the unbreakable bond with your best friend.
Precious tokens with a special meaning.  Discover our Liens collection in our Chaumet boutiques worldwide and on
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Celebrate your destinies united to each other with Chaumet’s Liens collection, a contemporary reinterpretation of sentimental jewellery.
Your beloved Liens creations sparkle on the hands and reveal your unique sense of style.
The alchemy of encounter that draws two destinies closer eternally. Discover our precious Jeux de Liens diamond necklaces and their precious crossed links in our Chaumet boutiques worldwide and on
Engrave on the reverse of Jeux de Liens pendants to make them special symbols of eternal love and connections, worn against the heart.
Creations to collect and layer as much as you like, gorgeously mixed and matched. A symbolic of thread that unites two people who love each other.
Assert the strength of relationships and seal unique moments that brighten reality. Combine our Liens creations together as desired to create a joyful palette full of freshness and lightness.
Never-ending links, just like an allegory of the bond between two people.
An inseparable link, the most important thing in your life. Tell the story of intertwined destinies with Chaumet’s iconic Liens creations.
Discover Chaumet’s Liens collection and find the perfect expression of your destinies united to each other.
Immortalise your unbreakable friendship with a talisman from Chaumet’s Jeux de Liens collection. Make it a story that lasts forever.
Jeux de Liens pendant, a universal symbol of unity and perfection. Engrave it with a personal message to mark this special moment forever.
Celebrate the unique bonds that unites you with your loved one. From passion to affection, love to friendship, each emotion has its talisman. Discover Liens collection in our Chaumet boutiques worldwide and on
Embrace your light with Chaumet’s Bee My Love collection. Mix and match the shades of gold by stacking our Bee My Love creations together. It’s never too much!
The mix and match of Chaumet’s stunning Bee My Love rings, screaming free spirits and creativity. The radiant Bee My Love pendant in rose gold is a subtle reinterpretation of the honeycombs of the hive.
Mix and match the charming pink gold with the classic yellow gold and the tasteful white gold to reveal your unique sense of style.
Precious gifts come in a Chaumet blue box.
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