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7 Quotes on resilience to remind you of your strength


7 Quotes on resilience to remind you of your strength

Resilience is the ability of a person to cope with and recover from difficult situations. It’s the strength to keep going, to push through adversity, and to bounce back from setbacks. Resilience is a quality that we all possess, though sometimes it’s hard to see. When we’re faced with challenges, it can be helpful to remind ourselves of our inner strength, and one way to do this is by turning to inspiring quotes that remind us of our resilience.

Below, we’ve gathered 7 quotes on resilience to remind you of your strength. These quotes come from a variety of sources and offer different perspectives on resilience. Each quote serves as a powerful reminder that you have the strength within you to overcome whatever life throws your way.

1. Victoria Erickson (Instagram: victoriaericksonwriter)

  • “I’m resilient, and I have the utmost faith that life will put me where I need to be.”

This quote from Victoria Erickson emphasizes the belief in oneself and trust in the journey of life. It’s a reminder that resilience comes from within and that we have the power to navigate our path.

2. Anonymous

  • “What hurt me in the past has actually made me stronger and more resilient.”

This anonymous quote speaks to the transformative power of resilience. It acknowledges that the challenges and hardships we face can ultimately make us stronger and more resilient individuals.

3. Indian Proverb

  • “India has always been resilient, the country has suffered many invasions, barbarism, wars….and has not fallen.”

This Indian proverb highlights the resilience of a nation and serves as a reminder that resilience can be collective as well as individual. It speaks to the strength of the human spirit to endure and persevere, even in the face of adversity.

4. Faith Recovery BH

  • “You are stronger than you think. Trust in your inner fortitude and resilience.”

This quote from Faith Recovery BH offers an affirmation of inner strength and resilience. It’s a reminder that we often underestimate our own capabilities and that we have the power within us to weather any storm.

5. Dr. Allison Answers

  • “You’re stronger than you think. Your resilience knows no bounds.”

Dr. Allison Answers reminds us that our resilience is boundless and that we have the strength to overcome challenges that may seem insurmountable. It’s a reassuring message that encourages us to believe in our own resilience.

6. Indian Proverb

  • “May India be victorious against Covid-19, once again. Here are some quotes to remind everyone of their strengths!”

This Indian proverb acknowledges the current global challenges and serves as a call to resilience for all. It’s a reminder that in times of crisis, we can find strength and resilience within ourselves and in the support of our communities.

7. The Healthy

  • “Quotes about strength can remind you that you have the resilience to overcome any obstacle.”

This quote from The Healthy emphasizes the role of strength and resilience in overcoming obstacles. It’s a message of empowerment and encouragement, reminding us that we have what it takes to face adversity head-on.

These quotes on resilience serve as a powerful reminder of the strength we all possess. They encourage us to tap into our inner reserves of resilience and to believe in our ability to overcome challenges. When you’re feeling discouraged or facing a tough situation, turn to these quotes for reassurance and a boost of motivation.


Q: Where can I find more quotes on resilience?

A: You can find more quotes on resilience by searching online, visiting quote websites, or exploring books and literature on the subject.

Q: How can I develop my own resilience?

A: Developing resilience takes time and practice. You can start by cultivating a positive mindset, seeking support from others, and learning healthy coping mechanisms for stress.

Q: Are there any books about resilience that you recommend?

A: Yes, some popular books on resilience include “Option B” by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, “The Resilience Factor” by Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte, and “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown.

Q: What are some actionable steps I can take to increase my resilience?

A: You can increase your resilience by practicing self-care, setting realistic goals, staying flexible in the face of change, and seeking support from friends, family, or a professional counselor.

Resilience is a powerful quality that allows us to navigate life’s challenges with strength and determination. When you’re feeling discouraged, remember these quotes and know that you have the capacity for resilience within you.