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37 Best DIY Ideas for Kids To Make This Summer


Summer is a time for kids to have fun, explore their creativity, and enjoy the great outdoors. At DIY Crafted, we’ve compiled a list of 37 best DIY ideas for kids to make this summer to spark their imagination, keep them busy, and make lasting memories. From simple crafts to outdoor activities, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of creative projects to keep kids entertained all summer long. So, grab your supplies, gather the kids, and let the creativity flow!

Indoor DIY Projects

When the summer heat becomes too much to bear, it’s always great to have some indoor DIY projects on hand. Here are a few ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained indoors:

  • Bottle Cap Bugs
  • Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine
  • Popsicle Stick Tent
  • DIY Kaleidoscope

These projects will not only keep kids entertained, but they’ll also help develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. All you need are a few simple supplies and you’re ready to go!

Outdoor Adventures

For those perfect summer days, when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, there’s nothing better than some outdoor DIY fun. Here are a few ideas for outdoor activities to keep the kids active and engaged:

  • Tissue Paper Mason Jars
  • Firefly Suncatcher
  • Paper Plate Sunflower Craft
  • Fun DIY Birdhouse

These outdoor activities will not only keep the kids entertained, but they’ll also help them appreciate nature and the great outdoors. From collecting materials to working with their hands, these projects are sure to inspire a love for crafting and nature.

Game On!

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some fun and games. Here are a few game ideas to keep the kids active and entertained throughout the summer:

  • Christmas tree bowling
  • Freeze dance
  • Balloon pop relay race

These games are great for keeping kids active and energized, and they’re perfect for playing with friends and family. Plus, they’re easy to set up and require minimal supplies, making them perfect for a last-minute playdate or family get-together.


Q: What age group are these DIY ideas suitable for?

All of the DIY ideas listed are suitable for a wide range of age groups. Some projects may require more adult supervision and assistance, but most can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Q: Where can I find the supplies for these DIY projects?

Most of the supplies for these DIY projects can be found at your local craft or dollar store. In fact, many of the items needed are likely already lying around your house!

Q: How can I keep these DIY projects organized and contained?

Consider setting up a designated crafting area in your home, complete with labeled containers for all of the necessary supplies. This will help keep everything organized and easily accessible for the kids.

Q: Are these DIY ideas budget-friendly?

Absolutely! Many of these projects use common household items and inexpensive crafting supplies, making them perfect for families on a budget. Plus, the memories and creativity that these projects inspire are priceless.