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21 Awesome Ikea Malm Hacks that will Make your Day


21 Awesome Ikea Malm Hacks that will Make your Day

Are you looking to spruce up your Ikea Malm furniture with a unique and personalized look? Look no further! We have curated a list of 21 amazing Ikea Malm hacks that will transform your Malm furniture and make your day. From painting to adding handles, stickers, and other creative solutions, these hacks will help you revamp your Malm pieces effortlessly. Let’s dive into some of these incredible hacks and get inspired to transform your living space!

Malm Wooden Decor Overlay Panels

  • One of the fantastic solutions to make your Malm drawers look better is by using Malm Wooden Decor Overlay Panels. These panels can give your furniture a fresh, sophisticated look without the need for time-consuming manual work.
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Modern Malm Dresser Makeover

  • A simple Ikea Malm dresser can be transformed into a modern, stylish piece perfect for your bedroom. This before and after makeover is sure to inspire you to give your Malm dresser a fresh new look.
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Personalized and Creative Malm Hacks

  • Discover creative ways to personalize your Malm furniture, from adding handles and stickers to painting and more. These hacks will help you make your Malm furniture truly one-of-a-kind.
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With these inspiring Malm hacks, you can transform your Ikea furniture into stunning, personalized pieces that reflect your unique style. Whether you’re looking to revamp your Malm dresser, nightstand, or any other Malm furniture, these hacks offer a wide range of creative ideas to elevate your living space.


1. How difficult are these Malm hacks to implement?

While the level of difficulty may vary depending on the specific hack, most of these Malm hacks can be implemented with relative ease. Simple techniques such as painting and adding decorative elements require minimal DIY skills, making them accessible to anyone looking to personalize their Malm furniture.

2. Can these hacks be applied to other Ikea furniture as well?

While these hacks are specifically tailored for Ikea Malm furniture, many of the techniques and ideas can be adapted to other Ikea furniture pieces. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can apply similar concepts to revamp other Ikea furniture items.

3. Are these hacks cost-effective?

Yes, most of these Malm hacks are cost-effective and budget-friendly. They often involve simple materials and techniques that can be implemented without breaking the bank. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for affordable ways to upgrade your furniture, these hacks offer great value for money.

4. Will these hacks damage the original Ikea furniture?

When implemented correctly, these Malm hacks should not damage the original Ikea furniture. In fact, many of the hacks are designed to be reversible, allowing you to restore the original appearance of the furniture if desired. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully and use materials that are safe for the furniture’s surface.