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20 modern wedding favor ideas your guests will love!


Are you planning your big day? As you work through the details, don’t forget about the little things that can make a big impact—like wedding favors! Your wedding favors are a way to thank your guests for joining you on your special day, and they’re a chance to show off your style and personality as a couple. If you’re searching for modern and unique wedding favor ideas that your guests will love, we’ve got you covered. From edible treats to personalized gifts, there’s something for everyone on this list.

20 Modern Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

  • Homemade jam or honey – Share a taste of something sweet and homemade with your guests.
  • Succulents or small potted plants – Give the gift of greenery with a pretty succulent or small plant that your guests can take home and enjoy.
  • Candles – A beautifully scented candle can make a lovely and practical favor for your guests.
  • Chocolate or sweets – Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Consider personalized chocolates or a variety of candies as your wedding favors.
  • Customized coasters – Add a personal touch with custom coasters featuring your names and wedding date.
  • Mini bottles of wine or champagne – Raise a toast to your guests with mini bottles of their favorite libations.
  • Personalized glassware – Customized glassware, such as wine glasses or beer mugs, makes a classy and timeless favor.
  • Travel-size skincare or grooming products – Treat your guests to a little luxury with travel-friendly skincare or grooming products.
  • Personalized keychains – Help your guests keep track of their keys with customized keychains that commemorate your big day.
  • Seed packets – Give the gift of growth with seed packets for flowers, herbs, or vegetables.
  • Engraved bottle openers – Practical and stylish, engraved bottle openers are a great favor for beer-loving guests.
  • Colorful socks or gloves – Keep your guests warm and stylish with colorful socks or gloves that match your wedding colors.
  • Mini succulent or herb kits – Give your guests the gift of gardening with mini succulent or herb kits that they can grow at home.
  • Personalized tote bags – Practical and fun, personalized tote bags are a favor that your guests can use again and again.
  • Customized tea or coffee blends – Treat your guests to a custom blend of tea or coffee packaged in pretty containers.
  • DIY terrarium kits – Give your guests everything they need to create their own mini terrarium at home.
  • Handwritten thank-you notes – A heartfelt and personal note of thanks is a timeless favor that your guests will treasure.
  • Local food or treats – Show off the flavors of your region with locally made food or treats that represent your wedding location.
  • Customized playing cards or board games – Keep the fun going with customized playing cards or board games featuring your names and wedding date.
  • DIY hot chocolate or s’mores kits – Give your guests a cozy treat to enjoy at home with DIY hot chocolate or s’mores kits.

Your wedding favors are an opportunity to express your gratitude and share a piece of your wedding day with your guests, so make them special and reflect your style as a couple. Whether you choose edible treats, personalized gifts, or something a little more unique, your guests are sure to love the thoughtful gesture.


1. How much should I spend on wedding favors?

The average cost of wedding favors can vary, but it’s generally recommended to budget between $3 and $8 per guest. Remember, the most important thing is that your favors are thoughtful and reflect your personality as a couple.

2. When should I order my wedding favors?

It’s best to order your wedding favors at least three months before your wedding date to allow plenty of time for customization and delivery. If you’re planning on DIY favors, consider starting even earlier to avoid any last-minute stress.

3. Should I tie my wedding favors into my wedding theme?

While it’s not necessary to tie your favors directly to your wedding theme, it can be a nice touch if you’re looking to create a cohesive and personalized experience for your guests. If your wedding has a specific theme or color palette, consider incorporating those elements into your favors.

4. How do I ensure my wedding favors are well-received by guests?

When selecting your wedding favors, consider your guests’ preferences and tastes. Keep in mind that a favor that’s practical, consumable, or personalized is more likely to be well-received. Additionally, presentation is key—packaging your favors beautifully will make them even more appealing to your guests.